Arrivo degli ambasciatori

Arrival of the Ambassadors

Vittore Carpaccio
Ciclo di Sant'Orsola

Vittore Carpaccio
Venezia 1460 c. - prima del giugno 1526
Arrival of the Ambassadors
Canvas, 278 x 589 cm
Acquired following the Napoleonic Suppression, 1812
Hall XXI

The scene is divided into three parts, according to the perspectival articulation afforded by the buildings. In the centre, the English ambassadors consign to the king of Brittany their offer of marriage between Ursula, the king’s daughter, and Ereo. On the right, Ursula is dictating her conditions of marriage, counting them on her fingers, the most important of which is the conversion of Ereo to Christianity. On the left, elegant members of the Compagnia della Calza, probably members of the Scuola di Sant’Orsola, fill the loggia that opens out onto the lagoon. The opening at the bottom of the painting in the centre was made to accommodate a door that was added after the painting was completed.