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Our museum consistently carries out initiatives to engage the public and makes a special effort to establish a closer relationship with schools through experimental programmes. One example is our Work Experience Programme for high school students (Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro). For the Gallerie, this means having an opportunity to interact with young people in ways that are purposeful for us and for them alike, at the same time making improvements to the collection’s on-site and on-line communication on the basis of their contributions. The students who work with us at our museum help us attain an important goal: engaging other teenagers through innovative, inclusive cultural experiences where they are the protagonists.

A collection of past artwork can indeed speak to the multi-faceted reality we live in today. At our museum, teenagers get to engage with primary sources: paintings which literally made history, and marked both the passing of time and the evolution of communities, rituals and values still of great importance today; they are exposed to traditional knowledge as well as to the most recent techniques by learning about the development of the arts and crafts through history, as well as cultural heritage conservation science; they further their knowledge of the city of Venice by learning about the places featured in the paintings and those which originally housed the artwork; and, finally, they get a chance to reflect on the timeless themes found in the paintings, which often touch on topical issues (for example, the Crucifixion which, beyond the religious context, can be used to explore the death penalty, thus bridging the past and the present).


We encourage teenagers to learn and express themselves in a new language which lies beyond the written and spoken word. GAV is a language made up of gestures, images, sounds, and words: it is an open invitation to interact with our museum. By participating in this project, teenagers learn how to use this new language. GAV is a YOUNG LANGUAGE, though it doesn’t target only young people; rather, it challenges teens to become the protagonists of initiatives whose ultimate goal is to engage both their peers and other audiences. By TRANSLATION we mean the ability to take historical and artistic content and transform it into various messages to be conveyed through multiple channels, from traditional means of communication to the most innovative digital, web-based, and social media.

Project Coordinator

Maria Teresa Dal Bò – Head of the Promotion and Communication Department


Michele Nicolaci, Education and Research Department

[email protected]

Maria Teresa Dal Bò, Education and Research Department

[email protected]

T: +39 041 5222247