This Sacra Conversazione was undertaken by Alvise Vivarini for the altar of Santa Maria della Prà, subsequently re-dedicated to Saint Bernardino of Siena, in the church of San Francesco in Treviso. The Madonna and Child are seated in the centre on a marble throne, flanked by Saint Louis of Toulouse, Saint Anthony of Padua, and Saint Anne to the left and Saint Joachim, Saint Francis, and Saint Bernardino of Siena to the right. The artist’s name is written on a little tag beneath the throne. The background contains two windows giving on to a landscape that were partially covered by a green drape that was added after the work was completed. Alongside the four Franciscan saints there are Joachim and Anne, perhaps a reference to the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, a theme that was dear to the Franciscan order and that had been approved in 1477, only a few years before the altarpiece was made, by Pope Sixtus IV, himself a Franciscan. The painting is considered one of Vivarini’s most successful works where he demonstrates his assimilation of the art of Antonello da Messina, who was in Venice in 1475–1476. The horizontally developed scene is unified and balanced in terms of perspective, with great attention being lavished on the characters’ gestures, and particularly their hands.