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💪 Private committees

Following the disastrous flood of 1966, also known as acqua granda, the then Director General of UNESCO, René Maheu, launched an appeal for international support at the request of the Italian government, in response to which over fifty private committees sprang up in various countries, aimed at promoting initiatives to contribute to the restoration work in a timely manner, far exceeding the actual possibilities of the state preservation bodies.

Over the years, the Joint UNESCO-Private Committees Programme for the Safeguarding of Venice was thus created, as well as a close working relationship between the Superintendencies, of which the Gallerie dell'Accademia was an integral part, and the international private committees, a relationship that continues to this day.

An example of this are the many projects for the conservation and enhancement of the museum's heritage, carried out thanks to the fundamental collaboration of numerous private associations, among which the following are particularly noteworthy Venice International Foundation, Venice in Peril Fund, Fondazione Venetian Heritage Onlus and Save Venice Inc.