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Since the Accademia di Belle Arti moved to the new Incurabili site in 2005, the complex hosting the Gallerie dell’Accademia has been undergoing extensive renovation work promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBACT). The objectives include doubling gallery space, removing architectural barriers, as well as upgrading the museum’s technological systems and services in view of the future Grandi Gallerie.

After completing work on the ground floor in 2013 and opening the first 12 new halls between 9 May 2015 (5 “Samsung” halls) and 29 January 2016 (Palladian-wing halls), renovation began on the first floor of the museum.

The final stage of the Grandi Gallerie project was launched on 7 June 2017. This entails the renovation and functional upgrading of the first floor, together with the redesign of the exhibition areas.

The renovation project – funded by MiBACT and expected to last 960 days overall – has been divided into four stages to ensure that most of the museum is open to the public at any given time.

The project moves along three lines of action:

1) Structural consolidation: The roofing and walls are being reinforced by means of tie rods and metal inserts, while ensuring that the original wooden structures and original floors are preserved;

2) Functional upgrading: All technological installations, such as air conditioning, lighting, and security systems, are being upgraded, and the existing architectural barriers removed.

3) Restyling of the exhibition areas: The skylights are being restored and the original features of the buildings enhanced; at the same time, we are rearranging the works on display, and preparing updated information materials for visitors, harnessing the potential offered by both traditional and multi-media communication.


Please visit the page listing the artwork not currently on display.



Please be advised that the Quadreria section is currently closed to visitors.


Changes to the museum tour for people with disabilities

Due to the renovation work on the first floor, the museum tour for people with disabilities has been modified.