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All of Canova’s sculptures have been reunited in the Tablino, where they will be greatly enhanced by the majestic purity of the architectural forms designed by Andrea Palladio. The expressive force of the plaster cast of the boxer Creugas is contrasted with the plaster cast of Paris and its sinuously elegant Apollonian forms. In a slightly more secluded area you will find the plaster cast of the dignified portrait of Napoleon’s mother Madame Letizia Buonaparte, next to which we’ve placed the cast of Napoleon’s bust, almost as if to encourage a silent conversation between mother and son. The Tablino also contains the Empire-style desk designed by Giuseppe Borsato for Leopoldo Cicognara, the Accademia president from 1808 to 1826, as well as a collosal bust of Cicognara.