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This large canvas, also known as Madonna of the Treasurers, bears an inscription in the lower left corner that reads “UNANIMIS CONCORDIAE / SIMBOLUS/ 1566” (Symbol of unanimous concord 1566). It was painted for the Palazzo dei Camerlenghi, the financial magistrature of the Venetian Republic, located at the Rialto. The date 1566 refers to the year Michele Pisani, Lorenzo Dolfin, and Marino Malipiero were appointed to their roles as camerlenghi and their coats of arms are depicted on the plinth to the lower left. However, the painting must have been completed at the end of Malipiero’s term of office, towards 1567, and under a microscope this date can be seen beneath the 1566 date. The painting is composed horizontally, underlined by the perpendicular row of arcades extending back into an achingly beautiful landscape, and the insightful portraits of the three donors, their secretaries in attendance, combine to make this a masterpiece, perfectly in keeping with the tradition of Venetian votive painting.