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HALL XXIII comprises the original church of Santa Maria della Carità, which, according to legend, was founded in the twefth century. By the fourteenth century, there was already a first building served by Augustinian monks, which was enlarged in the fifteenth century under the Venetian pope Eugene IV. Construction work was undertaken by Bartolomeo Bon and his workshop. The fifteen wooden roof beams from Cadore date to this same period. The painted frieze is by Ercole del Fiore. The church, full of art pieces and funeral monuments, was completely reworked in 1811 by Giannantonio Selva, who divided it horizontally in order to create the lower rooms of the Accademia di Belle Arti. It was only in the first half of the twentieth century that the upper portion of the church was readapted to a museum hall by the architect Scolari. Recently fitted with internal panels for a more streamlined use of the room’s central area, Hall XXIII hosts temporary exhibitions and some of the Gallerie’s masterpieces.